Sunday, September 2, 2012

Justice for Terrell Rally and Press Conference

Supporters gathered on the steps of Pittsburgh's City County Building last Wednesday, the day before jury selection for Terrell's new trial, to talk to the media and pass out info in the streets.  Here are links to some of the media created that day:

Human Rights Coalition FedUp! Blogspot with press release and photos

90.5 Pittsburgh's NPR News Station

Post Gazette Story that wrongfully calls Saundra Terrell's Mother!

Story on Trib Total Media

Videos from the rally:

Justice for Terrell Rally Chant! Chant! Chant!  Play here or youtube

Discussion of witness Barbara Robinson. Play here or youtube

Discussion of witness Evelyn Mcbryde.  Play here or youtube


  1. Did the trial start today?

  2. Jury selection is still ongoing.

  3. The trial has begun.

  4. Congratulations on Terrell's exoneration today. :)