Monday, August 27, 2012

Justice for Terrell Dates and Locations

Three years after winning a new trial to prove his innocence, Terrell Johnson will go before the judge and jury beginning September 4, 2012 in Pittsburgh PA.

We hope that you will support the Justice for Terrell Campaign through its last leg of the journey to win Terrell's freedom.
Join us for the Rally and Press Conference 
one week before the trial starts, the 3rd annual Hazelwood Freedom Festival on labor day weekend, and a week of Courthouse Support at Terrell's trial.

Rally and Press Conference: 
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
City County Building 414 Grant St
9 AM rally (bring your signs and JFT t-shirts)
10 AM press conference (bring your favorite news media)

Hazelwood Freedom Festival: 
Sunday, September 2, 2012
Lewis Playground Second Ave
4-8 PM (bring a dish)
Sign up to perform at the variety show! There will be activities for children and campaign info.

Courthouse Support: 
Begins Tuesday, September 4, 2012 and will continue through the week
436 Grant St Allegheny County Courthouse
Judge Donald Machen's Courtroom

Join us for a sit in at Terrell's trial in support of his innocence and his family members.  Contact Bret for specific times or if you get lost (412) 654-9070

For all other campaign info contact Saundra Cole or (412) 670-8421 or visit the

Friday, August 3, 2012

History of Witnesses from Post Gazette 2003

"Was the Wrong Man Convicted in 1994 murder case?"
Excerpt from Sunday, September 21, 2003
By Bill Moushey, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

"...On the night of July 21, many Hazelwood residents were outside until past midnight, sitting, talking, drinking and watching their children play.

Verna Robinson was there, too, drinking beer from a Styrofoam cup. She had bought a 16-ounce can of Stroh's with some of the money the cops had given her.

As the night wore on, she walked up and down Almeda Street, listening to gospel music on a Walkman.
Shortly after 1 a.m., Barbara Robinson, who was upstairs closing a bedroom window, heard a shot.

"BANG! Oh my God! Before I could get to the door, I heard another shot," she said. "Somebody was banging on my door, 'Miss Barb, Verna's in the street, she's done been shot.' I came back through the house and went out the front and saw her lying there."

Her daughter was dead.

The faint sounds of gospel music from Verna's headset wafted through the air.

"I couldn't say nothing. I just picked up her hand ... the music was playing, then I went back into the house," Barbara Robinson said.

Shortly after the killing, a local resident described the assailants to police.

One, she said, was a man who looked like Harold Cabbagestalk. Another was Dorian Moorefield, another gang member. The third, she said, was a youth between 13 and 14 years old.

Despite that description, one other man -- Terrell Johnson -- became a suspect, mainly because Verna Robinson had filed assault charges against him.

Johnson found out he was a suspect by reading the newspaper. He went to police and said he had witnesses to prove he was in a house several blocks away at the time of the killing. Police released him, but told him not to leave town.

Johnson thought he had nothing to worry about. But soon, another woman would enter the case, and she would prove to be his undoing.

Dolly McBryde's story
Two and a half weeks after the shooting, Evelyn "Dolly" McBryde was caught shoplifting at Century III mall.
It wasn't the first time she had been arrested.

McBryde, 30, was another crack addict from Hazelwood. She already had several outstanding warrants for various theft cases and for failing to appear in court. She also faced more than 30 probation violations. Taken together, these charges would have allowed a judge to imprison her for up to 50 years.

After her arrest, McBryde told mall police she had information about Verna Robinson's murder. She wanted a deal."...