In 1995 Terrell Johnson became a victim of unethical prosecution by an overzealous lawyer when he was convicted of the murder of state witness Verna Robinson. Eager for a conviction, Prosecutor Kim Berkley Clark spent thousands of dollars to put witness Evelyn McBryde on the stand to testify that she saw Terrell kill Verna Robinson. At the time, Evelyn McBryde was facing several years in prison, but agreed to testify in the murder case to get all of her charges dropped.  17 years later, McBryde, who was the only "witness" in the case,  is reluctant to testify.  The District Attorney has solicited new testimony from the victim's mother, Barbara Robinson, who at three previous trials testified that she did not see Terrell at the scene of the crime.

Terrell Johnson has spent 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Through Terrell’s own efforts and the efforts of his friends and family, he was awarded a new trial by a three judge panel in the Pennsylvania Superior Court in 2009 based on newly discovered evidence. The District Attorney offered him a plea deal in 2009 that would have allowed him to go home immediately, without having to admit guilt, on 7-15 years time served.  Terrell rejected the plea, and to this day maintains his innocence. Terrell’s new trial is scheduled to start Tuesday  September 4th, in Judge Macken’s court room.

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