Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trial Date Changed

Terrell Johnson's trial has been postponed so the judge can go on vacation. Ugh! The jury selection is now scheduled for February 25 and the trial is scheduled to start the following week, probably Monday February 28, 2011.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wrongful Convictions at the Black & White Reunion

The Justice for Terrell Campaign organized a workshop on wrongful convictions at the Black & White Reunion in East Liberty this weekend. People talked about their experience with the justice system and police in Pittsburgh and got the low down on Terrell Johnson's case. Below is some info from the workshop publications.

Statistics on wrongful convictions:

With 2.5 million people incarcerated in the U.S. if only .01% of those inside are wrongfully convicted, that makes 25,000 people.

According to a study conducted by the Innocence Project, of 70 cases overturned based upon post-conviction evidence…
• Over 30 of them involved prosecutorial misconduct;
• Over 30 of them involved police misconduct which led to wrongful convictions;
• About 15 of them involved false witness testimony;

Terrell Johnson's case involves prosecutorial misconduct, police misconduct and false witness testimony. Also...

Government Misconduct
In far too many cases, the very people who are responsible
for ensuring truth and justice – law enforcement officials and
prosecutors – lose sight of these obligations and instead focus
solely on securing convictions.

In more than 15% of cases of wrongful conviction
overturned by DNA testing, an informant or jailhouse
snitch testified against the defendant. Often,
statements from people with incentives to testify –
particularly incentives that are not disclosed to the
jury – are the central evidence in convicting an
innocent person.
People have been wrongfully convicted in cases in
which snitches:
• Have been paid to testify
• Have testified in exchange for their release
from prison
• Have testified in multiple distinct cases that they
have evidence of guilt, through overhearing a
confession or witnessing the crime.

Bad Lawyering
The resources of the justice system are often stacked against poor defendants. Matters only become worse when a person
is represented by an ineffective, incompetent or overburdened defense lawyer. The failure of overworked lawyers to
investigate, call witnesses or prepare for trial has led to the conviction of innocent people. When a defense lawyer doesn’t
do his or her job, the defendant suffers. Shrinking funding and access to resources for public defenders and courtappointed
attorneys is only making the problem worse.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letter Writing-Meets Video-Meets HipHop

This Friday, January 7, 2011, HRC FedUp! and the Justice for Terrell Campaign will be at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater for the first annual STOP THE VIOLENCE Holiday Talent Showcase. The event will be hosted by lowacit entertainment and Mark C. Producations with cash prizes and special guests The Undalrds and J'aira Pryor. As if that's not enough, the Justice for Terrell Campaign will be doing a video and speak out in support of Terrell Johnson's upcoming trial and letter writing campaign.

Tune in to community organizer, Saundra Cole, with support from One HOOD MEdia's new crime scene investigation footage and find out what's what. In addition, the Justice For Terrell Letter Writing Campaign will be happening on all surrounding clipboards. So come out and STOP THE VIOLENCE by writing to public officials and law enforcement workers who have held an innocent person behind bars for 16 years.

Complete Event Info

Where & When

Kelly Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Ave (East Liberty)
Pittsburgh PA 15206
January 7, 2011 5:00 PM

For more info call Mark 412-734-1067

Ticket Outlets

10 Dollars @

Mo Gear
East Liberty 6022 Penn Ave Pittsburgh PA 15206

Up Beat Records
Wilkinsburg 1008 Wood St Pittsburgh PA 15221

Dorseys Records
Homewood 7614 Frankstown Ave Pittsburgh PA 15208